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Forty Hour Massachusetts Real Estate Broker Pre-Licensing Course

The Average Annual Income For A Real Estate Broker In Massachusetts is $103 720 per year

Ready to become the boss and call the shots? Ready to join the top ten per cent of income earners in the country? If so, then this is the first step.

In order to become a licensed Real Estate Agent in the state of Massachusetts, you need the following…

  1. Be at least 18 years of age or older.
  2. You must have a current real estate license.
  3. You must have been affiliated with a licensed Real Estate Broker.
  4. Three years of experience as a Real Estate Agent working for a minimum of 25 hours per week
  5. A $5000 Surety Bond prepared and signed by an insurance agent
  6. Complete a state-certified 40-hour real estate broker pre-licensing course with a completion certificate from your instructor.
  7. Write the 120-question state licensing exam with a grade of 70% or better.
  8. Social Security Number and State Approved photo ID
  9. Three nonfamily references
  10. All State taxes must be filed and paid.

Boston realty Institute is a State Certified school licensed to provide an online 40-hour pre-licensing training delivered to you over four days.

2023 Class Schedule

Classes Resume on the weekend of February 25th, 2023 and continue each weekend until the end of the year running concurrently with our Realtor Pre-licensing course. Fill out the form below to gain access to our upcoming classes.

About Our Class

The Boston Realty Institute has taught the state-required, forty-hour Massachusetts Real Estate Agent Pre-Licensing Course in a classroom setting since 2004. Thousands of individuals have successfully completed our in-person accredited training. Over 2507 graduates of our school have gone on to enjoy fulfilling careers as real estate agents and brokers.

 Then The Pandemic Hit

Like many other schools, colleges, and businesses, the classroom training at the Boston Realty Institute was suspended due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. This new normal required the Boston Realty Institute to pivot to online training and training on demand.

This pivot required a number of new certifications and requirements by the state to be able to deliver online and on-demand classes.

Now state-certified as a licensed school to teach online classes, Boston Realty Institute is now offering aspiring new brokers an opportunity to complete their pre-requisite forty-hour pre-licensing course online over four days


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Course Curriculum

This is a breakdown of what you will learn during your four days of classes

Day One

Chapter Covered

Property/property rights/Ownership

  1. Personal Property
  2. Real Property
  3. Private Restrictions
  4. Public restrictions
  5. Estates
  6. EncumbrancesTypes Of Ownership
  7. Condominiums
  8. Cooperatives
  9. Timeshares
  10. Syndication
  11. The Lease
  12. Types Of Leases
  13. Option
  14. Property Management
  15. Land Use/Subdivisions

Types Of Ownership

  1. Condominiums
  2. Cooperatives
  3. Timeshares
  4. Syndication
  5. The Lease
  6. Types Of Leases
  7. Option
  8. Property Management
  9. Land Use/Subdivisions

Day Two

Chapters Covered

Contracts and Deeds

  1. Contract Essentials
  2. The Listing Contract
  3. Purchase and Sales Agreement
  4. The Transfer of Real Estate
    the Deed
  5. Methods of Land Description

Financing and Mortgages

  1. The Loan/Mortgage Sequence
  2. Instruments of Financing
  3. Federal Housing Administration (FHA)
  4. Department of Veterans Affairs
  5. Foreclosure
  6. Truth in Lending (Regulation Z)
  7. Tax Deferred (1031) Exchange
  8. Buy Down or Pledged Account Mortgage (PAM)
  9. Valuation Of An Income Property
  10. Monetary Policy
  11. Fiscal Policy

Day Three

Chapters Covered


  1. Valuation
  2. Forces Influencing Value
  3. Economic Principles of Value
  4. The Valuation Process
  5. Cost Approach
  6. Sales Comparison/Market Data Approach
  7. Income Approach
  8. Income Property Tax Treatment
  9. Residential Property Tax Treatment


  1. The Brokerage Process
  2. Types Of Agency Representation
  3. The Law Of Agency
  4. The Hiring Contract
  5. Types Of Authority
  6. Types Of Express Authority
  7. The Listing
  8. Essentials Of A Purchase And Sales Agreement
  9. Commissions

Day Four

Chapter Covered

Fair Housing Consumer Protection

  1. Federal Fair Housing Laws
  2. Enforcement
  3. Massachusetts Real Estate Law
  4. Board
  5. Advertising
  6. Conflicts of Interest
  7. Consumer Protection Laws 92A
  8. Massachusetts Housing Financing Agency (MHFA)
  9. Escrow/Trustee Accounts
  10. Municipal Tax
  11. Broker Surety Bond
  12. Promotions of Out of State Property
  13. Tenant Fees
  14. Important Ponts
  15. Agency Disclosure

Also Included With Your $400 Tuition

Pre-License Course Completion Certificate


Forty Hours Of Recordings


Forty Hours Of Transcripts


Downloadable 107 Page Textbook


Everything you need to successfully write and pass the Massachusetts state real estate licensing exam is covered in this comprehensive 40 hour course. The tuition is $400 and is payable at the time of registration.

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See What Our Students Have To Say

The course through Boston Realty Institute was extremely thorough and interesting. The instructor (Bah) does a great job covering an immense amount of material while keeping the group engaged. It’s an easy environment to ask questions and get further clarification on topics. Bah was also a great resource while studying for my exam- fully willing to re-explain content to me. Definitely would recommend!

Stephanie Shaw

Boston Realty Institute was very smooth to work with and provided me with all the tools I needed to pass the Broker’s Exam. I really enjoyed the smaller class size and more casual approach. The class was taught by a seasoned, professional broker with international and local experience. He was able to give real-life examples for all the material, thus making it easier to retain large amounts of information. If you learn better outside of the class room and want to get your salesperson or broker’s license in a more flexible way, I highly recommend B.R.I.

Pete Swan

Awesome school! Instructor Bah taught our class, and really knew his stuff: he efficiently covered all the material with the class while making sure that we all had an airtight understanding of the material. Bah comfortably handled any and all questions we asked, and brought the course content to life with lots of great real-world examples.

If you’re looking for a top-notch program with a immensely likable and knowledgeable instructor, I highly recommend BRI.

Tomas Jurgensen

The course through Boston Realty Institute was extremely thorough and interesting. The instructor (Bah) does a great job covering an immense amount of material while keeping the group engaged. It’s an easy environment to ask questions and get further clarification on topics. Bah was also a great resource while studying for my Very great experience with Boston Realty Institute. Instructor Bah is very professional and helpful. He covered all material and knowledge within a week. After taking classes with him, I have successfully passed the test.

Michael H Tran

So I have been to two different realty institutes and the Boston Realty Institute trumps the other by a mile. The instructor Mr.Bah has a great sense of humor and really knows his stuff. I really enjoyed this course, plus in comparison to all of the other institutes, the pricing is so affordable!

Corita Miles

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