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Boston Realty Institute is a fully licensed realty school in the State of Massachusetts. We offer targeted licensing programs to effectively prepare aspiring residential and commercial agents and brokers for the exams in the State of Massachusetts.

Boston Realty Institute programs are comprehensive, utilizing specially trained instructors who currently hold real estate licenses. Every student receives access to an enormous selection of sample practice test questions. The combination of the instruction, resource materials, and practice tests gives Boston Realty Institute students the edge they need. The vast majority of Boston Realty Institute students pass their real estate exams the first time! Plus, Boston Realty Institute provides ongoing support to the real estate industry with continuing education resources and eBooks.

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BRI is an institution not compelled by organizational profit. What this means for you is that you will receive impartial, objective guidance in all the procedural and tactical aspects of purchasing both commercial and residential real estate. 

Also, our team of investment professionals perform annual and semi-annual seminars online and in scores of locations worldwide.


Our Mission


Our objective as an organization is to provide comprehensive, long-term strategic guidelines for transacting and profiting from real estate assets. As our clients are individuals with global objectives, we perceive ourselves as advocates and solution providers. 

Our Vision


Boston Realty Institute is an all-encompassing global real estate investment educational organization. We are dedicated to the education and empowerment of both new and seasoned real estate investors. Our enterprise is unique in scope, breadth of services, and our commitment to investors beyond the borders of the United States.

BRI and its staff are global citizens, and as such we assume a responsibility on that scale. We use revenue generated by he school to fund education to developing countries. We recognize that global investment must be an inclusive gesture and a purposeful commitment for bettering our planet and the people in it. 

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We are committed to a paradigm shift toward sustainabledevelopment on a worldwide scale. Systemic climate issues we are facing as a planet, as well as food crises occurring in numerous third world regions, make this both a matter of conscience and of business efficacy. In other words, the synergistic events of the world affect both the day-to-day lives of its people and the bottom lines of its companies.

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