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Real Estate Investor Education

The Boston Realty Institute investor’s program offers best-in-class educational resources, new-generation eLearning software technologies and some of the finest credentialed educators in the New England region to provide you with a rich and complete understanding of all areas of real estate investment.

Real Estate License Education

The Realty Institute, a fully licensed realty school in the state of Massachusetts. It provides targeted licensing programs for real estate sales, real estate brokers, and commercial sales in the commonwealth. Each course is taught by a fully credentialed instructor who fully articulates the issues covered in each type of examination.

First Time Home Buyer

We are vulnerable to many errors or oversights during the life cycle of the purchase. We designed this seminar to cover each core area to avoid often costly mistakes or omissions. The watchwords for succeeding in your first real estate purchase are due diligence. The Boston Realty Institute helps you cover all the bases.


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The Realty Institute’s mission is to become the most comprehensive and reputable source for real-estate education. The Company will pair its business objectives with global awareness and contribute important portions of its resources to bettering the conditions of the developing world.