The cornerstone of Boston Realty Institute's mission is the broad and comprehensive education of our clients. Our series of seminars provides specific avenues for achieving tangible returns in the real estate arena. Our two core seminars focus on real estate transactions for the experienced investor, as well a program directed at first-time home buyers. Each seminar is taught by one of BRI's accredited real estate professionals. Through mentoring and teaching techniques honed through years of real estate engagement, both audiences receive a valuable and enriching learning experience.

Each of our seminars is presented in professional business environment facilities secured specifically for our seminars. We limit the number of attendees in order to provide the most personalized and effective teaching environment and to invariably improve each of our clients’ success rates. We are engaged in providing you a valuable and substantial education in how real estate works, irrespective of your level of expertise.

Each of our seminars has a money-back guarantee. (Restrictions apply)

BRI also will make available webinar programs that our clients can access from home. In this way we express our engagement to your success in the real estate arena in an ongoing basis.

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05-24-2018 - 05-27-2018
Time: 08:30 AM - 06:30 PM
Location: Lynn
Price: $ 289.00

05-31-2018 - 06-03-2018
Time: 08:30 AM - 06:30 PM
Location: Boston
Price: $ 279.00

06-02-2018 - 06-03-2018
Time: 08:30 AM - 06:30 PM
Location: Boston
Price: $ 295.74 (Taxes Included)
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