General & State Real Estate Sales


Real Estate Salesperson

Boston Realty Institute’s Real Estate Sales Agent Licensing program meets all the standards set forth by the State of Massachusetts for you to achieve certification. You receive all the research materials you need and hundreds of practice multiple-choice questions to prepare. 

The Boston Realty Institute instructors are also available to answer your questions while you study and prepare. Each of our instructors has credentials as a certified trainer and is a licensed real estate agent. 

The curriculum for this required 40-hour Real Estate Sales Agent course covers these areas of general and state real estate sales and more:

  • Property
  • Condos and Leases
  • Contracts and Deeds
  • Financing
  • Brokerage
  • Appraisal
  • Fair Housing
  • Massachusetts Law
  • Closings/Property
  • Management


Becoming a Salesperson in Massachusetts


Boston Realty Institute

Upon successful completion, you receive a certification booklet required for you to take the state licensing exam. 

You must receive a score of 70% or more on the multiple-choice test to receive your Massachusetts State Real Estate Sales Agent license. Boston Realty Institute lets you repeat the course at no charge until you successfully complete the exam. (Restrictions apply) The Boston Realty Institute Real Estate Sales Agent preparation program has a documented, outstanding success rate, with a large majority of candidates passing the exam the first time. No Massachusetts residency requirements are in effect for receiving the license, and reciprocity is permitted.

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