Commercial Real Estate Preparation Program


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Boston Realty Institute’s Commercial Real Estate Preparation program is designed to provide aspiring commercial agents with a complete, multi-tiered educational experience that effectively prepares them for transacting real estate in the commercial sector.

We offer premier instruction in the following areas critical to your understanding and success in this high-stakes real estate arena:

  • Investment Analysis Fundamentals
  • Real Estate Financing
  • Commercial Lease Analysis
  • Commercial Properties Management
  • Capital Markets
  • Real Estate Transaction Fundamentals
  • Office Building Management
  • Building Systems

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A total of six courses must be completed to receive commercial certification. The first four courses are required as well as two electives from the remaining five listed. Cumulatively they will effectively provide you the exposure, knowledge, and competencies required to succeed in commercial endeavors.

Our training materials and quality of instruction for commercial real estate is unsurpassed in the New England region. Upon receiving your commercial real estate certificate, you can engage in high worth commercial real estate transactions in the state of Massachusetts. After completing the program, we can also assist you in finding participating commercial brokers with whom to partner in the Boston metro region.

Register today to schedule your participation and to learn more about our commercial certification program, and how it can expand your vistas into this large and lucrative area of real estate.