BRI's Real Estate Investment seminar is our flagship program for experienced real estate investors. This comprehensive course provides unique insights from investor-class realtor professionals with decades of real estate transaction experience.

BRI's commitment to educating investors is underscored by the quality and rich experience of our instructors, the unsurpassed scope of the program, and the unique emphasis we put on the issues and potential pitfalls on investing in global properties.

No other real estate education program exists that provides such a targeted and personalized approach to educating investors. Each of our seminars is conducted in centrally located business centers, with spacious accommodations and latest generation technical capabilities. Seminar sizes are strictly limited to facilitate a personalized interaction between you and our instructors. And, as our objectives are not sales-oriented, you are assured to receive the most accurate and unbiased evaluation of the topics covered.

Our Investor Seminar covers the following real estate investment areas, and more:

  • Intro to Real Estate as an Asset Class
  • Why Real Estate / why part of your portfolio
  • History of Real Estate Investing
  • The Four Fundamental rules of RE
  • Key Investing Terms
  • Benefits of Real Estate as an Investment Vehicle
  • Selection of Real Estate Investment
  • Risk Tolerance
  • Risk Reward ratio
  • Where and How to find great Deals
  • Define your Deal Boundaries
  • Building your RE team
  • Best Way to Use a Broker
  • Auctions
  • Buying Strategies
  • Development of Short Sale Package
  • Real Estate related Securities
  • Key Terms
  • Exit Strategies
  • Quick Turn
  • Wholesale
  • Buy and Hold Strategies
  • Evaluation of the Deal
  • How to do comps
  • Profitable Deals
  • NOI Net operating Income
  • CADS Cash After Debts Services

Register today for an Investor Seminar, and to schedule your participation. A money back guarantee is provided, with some restrictions.

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